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Strategy Without Execution Is Useless

STRATVIEW is a Management and Technology Consultancy. We provide innovative solutions to recurring (WICKED) problems that stand in the way of your organisation’s growth.

Our STRATVIEW System will improve your organisation’s ability to:

  • Optimally Implement Strategic Innovation.
  • Manage Change Effectively.
  • Align Company Resources more Effectively and Efficiently.

The Current Reality

A Few Critical Questions You Can Ask Yourself

In our organisation…
  • Do we have a shared purpose?
  • Are our values aligned to the purpose?
  • Do we have operational alignment to execute? 
  • Does our business possess the functional and behavioural skills to optimally execute?
  • Do our performance measures support our strategies?
  • Are we ready to implement our strategy?

Don’t Settle For Less

Optimise Your Business Goals and Objectives

The STRATVIEW system ignites breakthrough innovations and helps organisations to establish and create strategy execution as a core competence.

Adopting the STRATVIEW System will result in:

  • Clarity – about why the organisation exists.
  • Consensus – understanding of what the company stands for.
  • Coherent Organisation – what has to be done – relook current structures and supporting processes.
  • Cohesive Culture – mindset, a common language.
  • Consistent Focus – on performance and adding value to the company and its clients.
  • Creative Innovative ideas – providing more value to your clients.
  • Creating Transformation – a game changer for your firm.
The STRATVIEW System helps organisations identify and take advantage of major strengths that can dramatically reduce costs and generate new income streams, in the shortest possible time.

Our Practice Areas

Business survival in the twenty-first century depends on the ability to develop strategy execution as a core competency

Strategy, Outcomes & Measurement

  • Outcome Definition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Metrics

Operational Improvement

  • Cost Reduction
  • Process improvement
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Infrastructure Optimisation

Human Capital Strategy

  • Workforce Planning
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Talent Management

Acquistion Excellence

  • Strategic Sourcing & Category Management
  • Data Strategy & Analytics
  • Acquistion Program Effectiveness

What We Offer

What STRATVIEW Can Do For You

The STRATVIEW System provides a clear, practical, understandable and easy to implement business management process to enhance the dynamic capabilities of your organisation.
Our unique data driven strategies result in:
  • More motivated and energised employees.
  • More effective leaders, purpose – driven supervisors and middle managers.
  • Better business outcomes through optimal execution.
  • Embedding strategy execution as a core competency


Plan and accelerate results while creating a sense of urgency.


Anticipate and disrupt to develop game-changing products and services.


Uncover hidden opportunities to drive innovation.


Translate the business strategy into ongoing, meaningful action.

From Our Founder

The STRATVIEW System Opens Opportunities

  • To evaluate the business’ alignment to Purpose – why we exist and what differentiates us?
  • To facilitate a shift in mindset, and like-minded thinking among the Directors and Staff.
  • To ensure buy-in from all leaders to the challenges and opportunities.
  • To evaluate the various strategic initiatives in place (eg: Financial Efficiency, Opportunities, Partnerships).
  • To evaluate the critical success factors and the roles of the stakeholders as we move forward. 


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